The Edo Era Continuity

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The Edo Era Continuity (TEEC) finds its roots in the guilds Kawatoshi (founded by Etsuko Kofuhara) and Hinata no Onsen (founded by Draconise). In an effort to preserve the spirit of Japanese RP, we are constantly updating our patches and the dream atmosphere. Our continuity features two towns - the mountain town of Hinata no Onsen and the seaside port town of Heiwatoshi. In the mountains, you can lead a simple life as a silkweaver or a farm, or even enroll at the dojo and train to be a fighter. In the port town, you can be an artisan or a merchant. We also have an okiya and a school of the arts, where young girls can train and grow up to be beautiful and talented geisha! Whatever your interest in Japanese RP, TEEC strives to bring it to you with a diverse setting and a friendly atmosphere.

We are a strict roleplaying continuity, but don't let that scare you away! We accept dedicated members of varying roleplaying skills because we don't believe in only accepting the elite. IC actions have IC consequences, and we do not condone Persona RP, but who says that strict RP can't be fun, too? Guests are welcome to roleplay on our maps, provided they abide by the rules. Permanent members may have jobs and own homes.

Please enjoy your stay in our wonderful lands!

The Dream Council