The Edo Era Continuity

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Application Information

Mayugiku and Foshiku will now be approving character sheets individually. Foshiku will handle supernatural characters, and Mayugiku will handle the mundane characters.

Supernatural characters will be allowed, but the level of power is still highly restricted. We don’t mind some weak white magic, or half-demons with little to no power, but we’re not letting in any superpowered youkai. Period. To help Foshiku out, if your character has ANY supernatural traits/powers/abilities/whatever, put an asterisk next to your name on the subject line. Mundane characters need not do so.

Fighters and samurai will also be allowed, but equally restricted. The majority of you will be directed to the mountain town, where a large dojo provides both housing and training. A few samurai will be allowed into Heiwatoshi (approximately two, for the time being). If you want to be a fighter, you will have to train up your skills in the dojo. If you want to be a samurai, you must display good RP skills when it comes to fighting, as well as decent knowledge of Japanese culture. Ronin whose families and home villages were slaughtered will still be denied. Be original. [NO MORE RUROUNI KENSHIN RIPS - that goes for other anime as well.]

(Any questions about samurai characters or fighters in general, be they in regards to special abilities or otherwise, may be directed in-game to the uploader.)

The Form:
('Your Character' and 'Character Profile' are absolutely required, 'A Little About You' is recomended, 'Misc' is optional) - NOTE: The words in italic are for your reference, and should not be included on the sheet. Once the sheet is filled out, please post it on the forums in the "Character Sheets" forum with your character's name as the thread subject.

Your Character

Character's Name:
Marital Status:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Fur/Skin Color:
Markings: (if applicable)

Character Profile



Special Abilities: (if applicable)

Weaknesses: (required)

Physical Description: (Describe their build and physique.)

Furcadia Description: (What someone sees when they click on you. This SHOULD be what they see when the look at your character.)


Brief History: (No less than a paragraph)

A Little About You

Why would you like to join Hinata?

What are you willing to bring to the RP?

How often do you plan on being in the dream? (Days out of a week)


Character's Personal Website:

Other interesting Info/Facts: