The Edo Era Continuity

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Hinata No Onsen

Hinata no Onsen is a sleepy mountain town and is home to mostly peasant farmers. There are some samurai, as well as an impressive dojo. A fine tavern is open to the public, in addition to an inn and its accompanying hot springs. There are gender-specific baths and an onsen. Silkweavers, farmers, artisans, and even a highly skilled blacksmith make their home in the mountain town, and many valuable services can be found there.


Heiwatoshi is a port city, and it offers a variety of sights to see. There is a small Buddhist shrine, a tavern, fishing docks, and an outdoor marketplace. It also holds the Akatateha Okiya, where geiko and maiko live. They train in the geisha school, also located on this map. The guarded estate of the Daimyo, Atsumori Kofuhara, is located on this map