The Edo Era Continuity

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OOC Rules

These are our simple rules to live by, we may amend or instate temporary policy as council sees fit, but all permanent rules are here.

1. ALL characters must post a character sheet on the forums before they can be considered members and not guests. You may NOT fight in the dream unless your character is a member. (This is to prevent people from coming in and going on a killing spree or something...) However, all guests are expected to read the rules before RPing in the dream.

2. Use the consent rule: This means if someone did something to you without consent, you don't have to acknowledge it. This is mainly a Furcadia rule, but also helps with twinks. (Note: The consent rule does not save you from all injury. If you willingly enter your character into battle, there may be a chance that they may be seriously injured. This rule applies to combat more specifically when you are engaged in RP or are OOC, and another character attacks you and attempts to engage you unwillingly in battle. This is just one example of how the rule works.)

3. Respect your fellow players: "Get off your tricycles" and act maturely. People don't want to associate with someone who is always starting OOC drama, fighting, or generally disrespecting other players. OOC issues should be brought to the council if they worsen, and the players involved will be warned and spoken to.

4. Keep to the Duel's terms: Before engaging in combat, be sure to decide on the terms of the fight (ie. Is magic allowed? Weapons or hand to hand? Etc, etc.) Be clear on your personal limits to avoid OOC conflict.

5. No Advertising: If you advertise another guild or unaffiliated dream here, you WILL be whispered about it and promptly ejected.

6. Stay IC: OOC is to be kept in the OOC area or in private homes. Any public OOC is frowned upon and should be kept in whispers. Excessive idling and OOC in public areas will result in a warning, and then ejection.

7. Keep things PG-13: No Yiffing on any of our maps. We mean it, folks. This map is uploaded in a youth-friendly area of Furcadia. It's not in FurN. If you are walked in on and reported to the council, it's an ejection and a temporary ban, pending a council appeal.

8. No Rips: There are no rip off characters allowed. If it's not your own creation get it out. You will be warned once about this offense, and then ejected. Just because we are a Japanese dream, it doesn't mean that you can RP anime characters (or any copyrighted or historical figures for that matter). This does not apply to all names, but rather ones that are obvious. IE "Himura Kenshin" or "Battousai" type things.

9. No Netspeak: We don't want "R u there" "Can u give me ur patch" or crap like that. This does NOT apply to the occasional use of smilies OOC. DO NOT USE THEM IC.

10. Please keep the OOC swearing to a minimum: Yes, this map is PG-13, so you are allowed to swear, but we'd prefer it if we didn't have to have our screens flooded with the word "fuck."

11. Supernatural/Abilities Need to be Cleared: All supernatural or mythical characters need cleared for combat usage. This has no exceptions, not even for council members. You *MUST* state your character's species and *ALL* abilities on your character sheet when you apply. If, at any point during RP, your character gains powerful magic, becomes a different race (ie. vampire, etc), you must post a NEW character sheet explaining the changes.

OOC Rooms

There are now OOC areas on both the Residential and Main maps of Hinata no Onsen. To access them, simply say !OOC, and to return, say !IC. The rooms are identical, but we placed on either map so that people wouldn't have to return to the main map to idle or hang out OOCly.

That said, OOC and idling in public areas are no longer allowed and if members do it excessively, they will receive warnings before an ejection.. (This was cleared by the Rah back when the idea of an OOC area was discussed.)

Aging Rates and Settings

After much discussion and debate, the council of Hinata no Onsen has voted to establish an official time flow. The rates are as follows:

Children (birth to age 14) will age at a rate of 3 IRL months to one IC year.

Adults (age 14 and up) will age at a rate of 6 IRL months to one IC year.

This is to allow people to get their characters to an age where substantial RP can be had, without entirely screwing up the continuity.

Pregnancies shall run two IRL months (2/3 the length of a child's IC year).

On the subject of an established setting:
We have decided to keep the continuity loose and open. Our setting is "Edo era" without a specific year. This keeps it more relaxed as far as introducing characters from later in the period. Since historical characters are banned, you won't be meeting any date-specific Edo generals or anything